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Labcal provides UKAS accredited equipment calibration.

We are a dedicated team of experienced engineers providing calibration services for measurement equipment across a wide range of parameters and to diverse industries.

Labcal calibrates a diverse range of measuring instrumentation including:

  • Gas/air flow including variable area flow meters and primary piston flow meters
  • Liquid flow including turbine flow meters, Coriolis flow meters and Pelton wheel flow meters
  • Pressure indicators including pressure gauges, digital pressure indicators and manometers
  • Temperature and humidity equipment such as digital thermometers and temperature & humidity probes
  • Air velocity measurement equipment such as anemometers including vane anemometers, hot wire anemometers and pitot tubes

Labcal is an ISO 17025 UKAS accredited laboratory offering impartial calibration and accredited services.

In addition to calibration services, Labcal also supplies air flow meters with optional UKAS calibration.


Labcal’s accreditation can be found on the UKAS website. Our Laboratory number is 0625, see our schedule here.

Accreditation by UKAS means that Labcal’s calibration laboratory, together with their certification procedures, have been assessed against internationally recognised standards to demonstrate their competence, impartiality and performance capability.

Labcal is accredited by UKAS to the ISO/IEC 17025: 2017 standard. ISO 17025 is applicable to all organisations performing calibrations. This includes laboratories where calibration forms part of inspection and product certification. It is particularly useful in developing management systems for quality, administrative and technical operations. Laboratory customers, regulatory authorities and accreditation bodies may also use ISO17025 to confirm the competence of laboratories.

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Gill Research & Development supports Gill Instruments and Gill Sensors & Controls with innovative research and new product development for their markets.

Gill Instruments and Gill Sensors & Controls provide products to many diverse industries including defence and security, energy, industrial/automation, marine, motorsport and transport. Gill Research & Development is always behind the scenes, providing the unique combination of capabilities and expertise to develop the problem solving products required to meet specific market needs.


Technical expertise in communications, acoustics and ultrasonics, capacitance, electromagnetics, intrinsic safety and radio frequency.

With over 35 years’ experience in measurement technologies, Gill has developed core areas of technical expertise which combined provide a unique knowledge platform for developing the Gill range of products. Gill Group invests heavily to convert technical innovation into new market focused products allowing our customers to benefit from the latest advances, whilst always ensuring high quality proven products, that can be relied upon to provide the information they need. To find out more about Gill’s unique areas of expertise please visit the website.


Technology research, product and software development, engineering, modelling and simulation, testing and project management.

Gill Research & Development has a diverse range of technical capabilities which allows Gill Group to think broadly and apply ideas creatively, across technology boundaries, to their product designs. These capabilities are further extended by strong industry and university links.


In addition to calibration services, Labcal also supplies air flow meters with optional UKAS calibration.


ISO 17025 and UKAS accredited laboratory offering impartial calibration and accreditation services.


Gas & airflow, liquid flow, pressure, temperature, humidity and air velocity measurement equipment can all be calibrated by Labcal.

Labcal’s team of experienced engineers provides expert calibration services for test equipment.


Ignition and air/fuel ratio control systems which provide emissions reductions in stationary gas engines.

Gill provides all-in-one engine control systems designed to increase efficiency and reduce emissions. It is usually possible to bring non-compliant engines up to meet modern emissions regulations using Gill engine control systems.

Real-time, wear debris sensors which detect the first signs of machinery deterioration before other technologies.

Gill WearDetect wear debris sensors use innovative sensing technology to continuously measure the level of ferrous wear in critical equipment.  Ferrous wear is typically an issue in gearboxes and other oil lubricated systems but WearDetect technology is also being used to detect ferrous particles in other applications including liquid food products and air circulation. Changes in ferrous wear debris give an early warning of machine wear allowing preventive action to be taken. WearDetect does not require complex training or expert knowledge to interpret results and is currently being used by many leading manufacturers.

Continuous, reliable, liquid level measurement for demanding environments and challenging media.

Gill is a world leader in solid-state liquid level sensing technology. With no moving parts, Gill level sensors provide long term accuracy and reliability in harsh environments. From lightweight aluminium products for motorsport or aerial applications, to rugged stainless steel sensors for critical environments such as process control, through to non-stick sensors for measuring slurries, syrups suspensions and varnishes.

High accuracy, reliability and durability across the range of 2-axis wind measurement sensors.

Gill have over 35 years’ experience supplying precision 3-axis anemometers for research and industrial wind speed and direction measurement.

Gill WindMaster, Research and HS ranges are available offering omnidirectional heads suitable for most applications as well as horizontal head arrangements. Horizontal heads deliver ultra-low turbulence and wide directional range allowing precision measurement where prevailing winds exist.

High accuracy, reliability and durability across the range of 2-axis wind measurement sensors.

All Gill anemometers use ultrasonic technology to provide high accuracy wind speed and direction measurement. No moving parts delivers excellent reliability combined with low maintenance requirements.

Gill WindSonic anemometers are cost effective high performance products including heated and more rugged models for extreme environments. WindSonic is available with multiple output options for easy integration into larger systems.

Gill WindObserver range provides precision wind speed and direction measurement combined with robust stainless-steel construction. With IP (ingress protection) ratings and intrinsically safe models for hazardous environments, they are chosen for marine, offshore and aviation applications.


Compact, integrated weather stations and reference grade stations for broad applications including meteorology and IOT.

Gill MaxiMet® compact weather stations are designed to be simple to install, use and maintain. The range offers a variety of sensor configurations allowing the most appropriate model, and range of measured parameters, to be selected while still offering Gill high quality measurement.

Gill MetPak reference grade weather stations are easy to use World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) quality weather stations. They allow flexibility to measure a variety of spatially separated parameters combined with expandability.