Gas Flow

Gas Flow

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Gas Flow

Our UKAS, ISO 17025 accredited laboratory is equipped with accurate and precise gas provers of varying sizes employing the latest technology to produce accurate flow measurement. The measurement of gas quantity and flow rate requires special care and techniques because gases are compressible and are affected by temperature and pressure.

Calibration can be undertaken on air, nitrogen, oxygen, helium, argon, carbon dioxide and any other inert gases.

We have over 35 years’ experience in gas flow measurement and the calibration of many different types of flow meters using a range of test rigs.

Types of flow meters include:

  • Variable area flow meters (glass and metal tube type)
  • Dry and Wet gas flow meters
  • Positive displacement flow meters
  • Turbine flow meters
  • Laminar flow elements
  • Mass flow meters and controllers
  • Bubble and piston flow meters
  • Nozzles
  • Orifice plates
  • Vortex shedding flow meters

Flow Rates : 0.025 ml/min to 13000 L/min